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Welcome to the Seven Sisters blog, an online journal of our family’s adventures. Before we get started, a little bit about this blog. Initially, Dad started a blog several years ago. His vision was that of a flourishing Garden, planted in the ash heap of Western Civilization. He posted once, but is so busy with the day to day tasks of taking care of our family, he rarely had a moment to post again. So, in honor of him, we are naming our blog “Garden in the Ashes” and carry his vision of cultivating a fruitful and beautiful garden – so to speak. A blog to encourage, edify and challenge both reader and author. Each of the Seven Sisters, and occasionally Dad or Mom look forward to sharing our thoughts with you. We have included Dad’s very first post at the bottom of this page for your reading enjoyment.

Meet the Seven Sisters, their brother, and Dad & Mom:

Skye – As the oldest of the Seven Sisters, my life has been very full and wonderful. I love my family, and especially enjoy going on walks with one or more sisters, cooking, gardening, assisting Mom at births, milking mine and Lily’s cow – Chloe, making yogurt or soap, and learning about women’s health. It is my desire that God would be glorified with my  life, and that, though I am an unworthy servant, I would be a fruitful branch for His purposes. I hope our blog is an encouragement to each and every one of you.

Lily- I enjoy being with my family and exploring God’s creation together, dairying and making yummy dairy products like cheese, animal husbandry, learning (especially about medicine/anatomy/physiology, history, and foreign countries), reading, and taking photographs. When I get the chance, I also like to look at things – for instance, samples of a batch of cheese that went wrong – under the microscope, or help Mom process laboratory specimens. My desire is to glorify God with my life – may He work through my many flaws and use my gifts for the advancement of His kingdom!

Heather- I enjoy being with my family. You can find me cooking, cleaning, sewing, crafting, drawing, singing, fishing, writing, grocery shopping, working horses, milking, doing chores, collecting specimens for the microscope, or just about anything my sisters will join me in. I love to take care of Ezra, it’s so fun to pick out his little man clothes.

Pearl- I enjoy sewing, crocheting, drawing, painting, and reading. I love to cook and bake, especially for special occasions. On warm Summer days, you can find me in the garden. I love homegrown produce. I also grow lots of flowers so we have beautiful fresh flowers in our kitchen. This year I have a flock of guineas. They are great for bug control! I hope to sell some of my extra chicks, Lord willing.

Rose- I love to hold and talk to Ezra. I help keep him clean and fresh. I give him horsey rides on my knee until he falls asleep. I can help my sisters with their math and reading, as long as I don’t do it for them. I do my housework quickly on nice days so I can get Liberty out or play with the cows or chickens, or go fishing.

Laurel- I like to read to Ruby and Rose. I also like to draw, and write notes. I am a cook with Lily on Tuesday. We can make good food for our family. One day, when it was freezing, I milked Chloe with Skye because Lily and Heather were having trouble getting hay. They had a mess to clean up after the hay fell off the wheelbarrow.

Ruby- I spend much of my day in the kitchen with a big sister. I like to stir food, add ingredients, and wash dishes (then rinse them, then wash them again). May is my dolly. We especially like to play with Laurel and Rose and their dollies. On warm days, we can all play outside on the trampoline.

Ezra- The newest addition to our family. “I love back packing or front packing, warm milk, and cuddly blankets”

Mom – Witness to His amazing grace and mercy, Wife to my adventurous Honey, Mother and teacher to 8 wonderful children, and Midwife of central Missouri.

Dad – Household CEO, entrepreneur, master electrician diligently seeking my Creator and humbly striving to know and do His will with the life and lives He has graciously entrusted to me.



Originally posted October 27, 2009 “An Ordinary Man’s Extraordinary, Hundred-plus-year Legacy”

Picture this: It’s Sunday, after church. A bent, grayheaded, smiling, ninety year old great-grandpa is leaning on the arm of a twenty-something man who bears a bit of his resemblance. The old man, Wally to those that know him, almost always has someone to lean on. That’s partly because this man has seventy-five children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Fast forward a month. Wally died.

His memorial wasn’t like other memorials. A great many funerals leave you wondering what the rest of the story is, and what the final destiny of the person is. You sort through the scraps left in your mind of the dead person, some of it good, some of it not so good, and wonder what to make of it. Meanwhile, someone strings the good parts together and speaks glowingly of the one who has passed.

But Wally’s wasn’t your ordinary memorial. It wasn’t necessary to overstate the case, to whitewash the tombstone. The man’s living legacy spoke more than all the words said at the memorial. Truly a glorious crowd of godly people bore witness to Wally’s life.

It made me realize that Wally had done it: He made disciples of the people around him, starting with his own ten children. Not only that, but his grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well. Who knows how far and wide his influence and his legacy will extend.

Someone related that, rather than pursuing a career in business (he earned his MBA at Harvard), Wally took an ordinary blue-collar type job. Why? So he could be at home for breakfast and devotions in the morning and dinner in the evening. With his family.

Someone else told how Wally used to say that he was a sheepherder from Montana. Well, he was. And that’s how this ordinary man, a follower of Jesus, managed to leave such a legacy on this blue earth.

He wasn’t always out looking for a bigger better deal. He was a shepherd, not a hireling. He didn’t mind getting mud on his boots, or going out looking for someone who was lost. He was willing to put his life on hold to take care of those entrusted to him.

That’s how ordinary men leave extraordinary legacies for generations.



3 thoughts on “A Seven Sisters Blog

  1. S’s!!! We found you! lol I saw that you visited our blog and had to come check this visitor out! We look forward to hearing about your adventures and we are praying for you and missing you!


  2. Thank you for sharing this story. Oh, that He would find me faithful too. You guys are doing a great job of discipling your girls.


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