Floods and Busy Bees


We had 500 year flooding (again!) this Spring. This is after it had receded a bit, but the river was covering the road and low water crossing ahead.



The flooding pushed that picnic table into the bridge )-: The water was much higher before this picture was taken.


Assembling frames for our bee boxes…


We went to a ‘Historic Skills Day’ at a state park. Lots of interesting vendors; woodcarvers, basket weavers, soap making, seamstresses, paper making, even a handmade gun manufacturer.


The potter at his wheel.



Inside the old mill building (I posted some pictures of the outside in February).



Setting up our beehives


The much anticipated honeybee packages finally arrived! (-:



Skye and I installed the two colonies, one in each beehive.



4 thoughts on “Floods and Busy Bees

  1. Wonderful to see your family! I love the bee suits! They look hard to work in! I am trying not to be jealous once again as you live the life I have wanted to…. contentment is the better way! And Ezra looks a lot like his dad! Wishing I could pop over for tea and a chat!


    • Yes, contentment is the better way. Sometimes it is hard to be strangers in a strange land, but it is better to be where God wants you to be. He always gives His children what they need. We are greatly blessed!
      The bee suits weren’t too hard to work in. Rather hot though! But I was glad to be wearing one (with big gloves) when I had to dig through the bees to find the queen cage after I dropped it. No one got stung (-:
      Ezra is cute and huge (-: He just got his first tooth a few days ago!


  2. Always love seeing what you’ve been up to! Fantastic work on the beekeeping 😀 Love and miss you as always.


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