End-of-Winter Thoughts

By Lily

I was having trouble coming up with a name for this post, so the title is courtesy of Skye (-:

Well, it seems like Spring may be just around the corner here in Missouri! The weather is rather crazy here; this Winter we got very little snow )-: (maybe two inches the entire season!) but we did have an ice storm in January- raining, freezing, ice all over. Just a few days ago, it was nice and warm… so warm that the frogs came out and sang in the evenings! Then it got cold; it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit when I checked the temperature in the morning (no snow though). Today it is supposed to be warm again – like 70 F. No wonder there are thunderstorms and tornadoes here!

I will say that I am looking forward to Springtime. The cold weather helps me to be thankful for green grass, warm days, fresh produce from the garden, and lots of other things. On the other hand, Summer – especially the hot, humid days that may be described as swelteringly stifling – help me to be thankful for ice, cold, and the days that one has to bundle up to be comfortable outside… and air conditioning! Our first Summer in Missouri, we learned the hard way that in places where high humidity is a problem, and you don’t use the AC (or a dehumidifier), you may get mold growing all over your house!

Isn’t it wonderful that God made different seasons, so that it isn’t Winter (or Summer!) all the time here?

” He has made everything beautiful in its time…” Ecclesiastes 3:11


Some of the little bit of snow we had this winter



Currently, our farm animals include: three cows (one in milk, the other two heifers), two ponies, a flock of laying hens and a rooster, some guinea fowl, turkeys, geese, and cats. We are blessed!



This is the milking shelter/animal shed we built. Daddy even put electricity out there for us! Some of the pieces were given to us by neighbors, from a nativity scene- hence, the camels painted on (-:






The ice storm we had in January covered everything in ice. It was beautiful, although it did make travel hazardous!


Daddy recently got internet for us, which is really nice. It made uploading these pictures way easier than it had been before. When Ruby saw him digging the trench, she said something like “Whatcha makin’ Dadda? Ken I help?” (-:


Ezra is such a happy baby boy! He’s not so little anymore, though.



Expedition in the Ozarks




Ezra the explorer! (-:




A neat old mill building


The porch was slanted for some reason, probably to let water drain off.



The mill stones


The mill was powered by water, when it was in use many years ago.



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