kittens, kittens, kittens!


Let me tell you about Mary Candy, the cat. (Mary Candy is Laurel’s cat. Laurel is 4 years old.)

This spring, Mary Candy started looking like she might have kittens. Laurel was excited. Skye thought that she would probably have kittens on the 15th to the 25th of April.We were all waiting for the kittens to be born.

On April 24th, Skye went outside in the morning. She saw that Mrs. kitty was not round with kittens anymore. She was heading under the deck! Hmmm… Skye looked under the deck and she saw 3… no… 4 cute little kittens! One was a sealpoint siamese, like his daddy, one was all gray, except for a white bib on his neck, and the other two were gray, like their mommy. So Skye went inside, and woke Laurel up, saying “Laurel, Laurel,there is a surprise waiting for you!” because Laurel had been waiting for the kittens. Skye took Laurel outside to the kittens. Laurel was very surprised and delighted, so she went inside and said excitedly, “Girls! C’mon girls! My cat had her kittens! C’mon!” So we went and looked at them. They were so cute!



One thought on “kittens, kittens, kittens!

  1. One of my mama kitties has cream points in some of her litters because she is half Siamese. They turn out so lovely! Laurel’s kittens were born the same time as mine. My first mama kitty is on her 6 or 7th litter so she only had two kittens. But the other mama kitty is on her first and she had 5. It is sweet to have kittens around!


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