An Outdated Post…


Well, I haven’t been doing a very good job of posting lately, so I don’t know  if anyone is still checking our blog. But, just in case someone does… here are a few pictures to share a bit about our life right now.









Exploring Gourd Creek Cave, about 1 mile further down our road.












Looking down our driveway (in early spring).









Grandma’s Cottage.











What kind of a tree is that?









Oh, that looks like a nice, sideways place to swing.
















Our pasture is turning green!


























Ruby, almost 10 months old in this picture.




4 thoughts on “An Outdated Post…

  1. It’s nice to see how Ruby is growing. She is beautiful! And the other photos are well done. Nice to see your surroundings. Do you girls swing on the sideways swing? More pictures of you all though!! We sure miss you all!


    • Thank you, Mrs. McKinney! It’s good to hear from you.
      Yes, Dad fixed the sideways swing so it wasn’t sideways anymore and it made a great (if not rustic) swing. However, one day two little girls were swinging on it at the same time and the old rope broke, so now it needs to be fixed again:)


  2. We get your new posts in our blog feed! Love your pictures, especially the beautiful Ruby. She’s looking like her sister Heather in that pic! We love you, S’s Family! xo


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