Friends who Shaped our Family



IMG_2391 IMG_2378 The last few weeks leading up to our departure, the Lord blessed us with sweet moments with some very dear friends.

friends2-at-picnic From the beginning of September up until the day before we left, dear friends and neighbors streamed through our house to bless us with gifts, kind words, a helping hand…we hadn’t even left and were already missing them!

darling-baby Several nights we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, just visiting and sharing.

IMG_2190 We had invitations to dinner almost every night.

IMG_2415 IMG_2409 Some large gatherings, and some very intimate and simple.

The conversation was so encouraging -some sobering and difficult.

IMG_2403 The most wonderful was seeing those who had been faithfully pursuing the Lord and how He was working through them and now their children! Truly, the blessing of the Lord makes rich, and He ads no sorrow with it. Prov.10:22

IMG_2369 IMG_2353 To top it all off, one family threw us a going away party at the park in Latah.

IMG_2397  Friends and neighbors old and new showed up

IMG_2312  IMG_2355 to bless our family with parting gifts, advice, encouragement and precious memories.

IMG_2383 We played and ate and talked and cried…

IMG_2319 … until we couldn’t see anything and were freezing!

IMG_2396 Kent and Terri A day we will always treasure!

IMG_2356  Seeing all of those joyful, and yet sad, faces reminded me how much my life and my children’s lives had been shaped by each of them.

IMG_2344 IMG_20140913_154143_160 There were those who took our family under their wings and showed us what it means to be a friend.

IMG_2314 They were with us when Bethany died, stood by us while we cared for our cousins, witnessed my husband’s and firstborn’s baptisms, we worked together, ate together, prayed together and grew together.

IMG_2324 IMG_2361 There were those who I walked through pregnancy and childbirth with and those who walked with me.

IMG_2311 I was overwhelmed by the memories and very dear friendships the Lord brought about through these precious people, and couldn’t help but be humbled by how much we had been challenged and strengthened over the years. We felt very loved and were so grateful for the chance to say thank you.

group photo

-By Mom





3 thoughts on “Friends who Shaped our Family

  1. Praising the Lord with you for all His blessings. We felt the same way when we left Australia, and then again in America seeing you all…God has blessed us with so much love in His family! Missing you! Is that Ruby in the picture above? xo


    • Thank you. I now have a new appreciation for your travels! Ruby is in some of the pictures above, but she’s not the only little pictured. She’s the one with dark fluffy hair.


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