Since We Arrived in Missouri

We unloaded the van.

The day after we arrived, we hurriedly looked around for a house that we could rent month to month. We prayed that the Lord would open the way for us to find a temporary home if it was His will. By sunset, Dad and Mom had found and rented a house!

Gratefully, we unloaded the van and ate our pizza.



The next day we had much to do!

Here Pearl and Laurel are cleaning the kitchen floor.


Washing dishes

Pearl and Rose help wash and organize our dishes.




Laurel stayed busy!


My lunch assistant


Making dinner

Lily and Heather helping with dinner.


Missouri mist

Missouri mist.

We enjoy going on drives through the countryside, especially as our rental is in a subdivision.


Afternoon drive

An afternoon drive.


Fall colors

Dad got out to look at a pond. What beautiful Autumn colors!


The Gasconade river

The Gasconade river.


Turtle in the road!

We found a box turtle!


Box turtle

It was crossing the road, so I jumped out to go move it. All the girls wanted a closer look;-)


Pearl likes caterpillars

Pearl started collecting Banded Wooly Bear caterpillars. She let these ones go shortly after the picture.


Letters from friends!

We enjoyed reading these letters from friends just last night. How refreshing it is to hear from a far place.

We continue to seek the Lord’s guidance as we explore Missouri and look for a home. We are hoping to find a home that has reasonably good soil and is near a church family.

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” – Proverbs 19:21




One thought on “Since We Arrived in Missouri

  1. I loved all the pictures. Missouri looks beautiful, but I especially loved seeing all of you! Oh, we miss you, but you look healthy and happy seeking the Lord’s will. Love, Mrs. H


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