The Airbus

the airbus

Our family was like sardines in a can in our suburban. So, we decided to  get a van. We packed a few things left the next morning. We drove down to Walla Walla, Washington, where we bought onions and Walla melons. We drove through Oregon, then in to Idaho. Daddy looked at a big van. We bought it! We enjoyed Papa Johns pizza for dinner and stayed at a hotel that night. the hotel had a restaurant where we could eat. We had a big yummy breakfast. I ate french toast with bacon and milk. Then we headed back to Washington. I got to ride with Daddy in the big van. We stopped at a park in Oregon for lunch and played. That evening we pulled up with our new van and the girls and Grandma had a special dinner ready for us. They were so excited to see our new big van that we dubbed the “Airbus”.


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