End of Summer Highlights


Here are some of my favorite pictures from this past summer.

Green wheat Green wheat

Rudbeckia Blacked eyed susans.

garden area  Our garden in Latah.

raspberries Fresh raspberries!

Summer squash A bountiful harvest. Here you see some yellow squash, zucchini and cucumbers.

towering sunflowers Sunny days.

Happy birthday Happy birthday Grandma.

cherry pitting Pitting some of the cherries the P family and R family brought over. We made pies, cobbler, sauce and ate them fresh. They were fantastic, thank you P’s and R’s!

cherry cobbler This is the delicious cobbler we made.

Lily made Challah Fresh Challah bread. This is a typical Jewish bread.

Dinner together Dinner together.

Late summer photoshoot Six of the Seven Sisters.

Ripe for the harvest Laurel in the wheatfield right in front of our house in Latah.

Sunset in the Palouse Another fantastic Latah sunset!






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